Background: Karolina Symington needed a brand identity (incl. brand name and logo) and a introductory presentation of her LA based tech start up to potential investors and partners.
Mission: My assignment included naming, a brand and communications platform and creating Scoopz graphic identity. In close collaboration with my client I developed a communications concept and the packaging of the offer.
About Scoopz: Scoopz is a personalized app that targets parents and contains information on all things local for kids. Unlike other parental resources, Scoopz addresses a problem most parents face – where to find on the go local, concise and relevant information for their children, just when they need it the most. Scoopz. Search Less. Play More.
Client quote: “Malin conducted an intense workshop with me during the course of a week in LA. She helped me craft a clear mission, vision and brand identity upon which she then built a world class pitch presentation about Scoopz. Scoopz is still in early stages, but the response has nonetheless been tremendously positive. Thank you Malin for your professionalism and expertise.” Karolina Symington, founder of Scoopz.